The Fleapit Cinema is a website funnily enough features reviews from the world of entertainment, be it DVD, blu-ray, film, VOD or digital.  There will also be some WWE wrestling posts thrown in as well.

Unlike some sites (and magazines) there are no ratings on my reviews just my ramblings on that particular release.  I will try to let you know the good and the bad of each title in my unique style.  Ratings have a double edged sword, bad or even poorly made movies can be as entertaining as a $100 million dollar blockbuster.  The idea of a film is to entertain you and that should always the most important thing.

My love of cheesy B movies and horror will obviously shine through with the kind of films you will find on the site.  That’s not to say I don’t like other genres, if it’s good no matter how cheap, expensive, well acted, over acted or just plain rubbish I’ll let you know.

Your Cinema Manager, Commissionaire and Video Shop Owner

Son of Dave