Don’t Look Back

Starting with a real emotive punch in the stomach, this film is all about the consequences of your actions.    Trying to get her life back on track after aRead More

The Dare

There’s a bunch of people holed up in some kind of prison cell chained to the wall and given the most disgusting of things to eat very now and then.Read More


Who would have thought it?  Paul Blart playing a psycho nutcase.  Well, Kevin James pulls it off even though I’m more convinced he looks like WWE’s The Big Show thenRead More

Green Street

Once you get past the fact that Frodo Baggins is playing a football hooligan, Green Street is a great little addition to its rather sparse genre.  Whilst no ID, itsRead More


As long as there has been cinema there have been alleged cursed films, in fact streaming service Shudder has made an entire season about these alleged films. Antrum is aboutRead More

Daddy’s Girl

John Stone is not a very nice man, in fact he’s severely damaged goods and completely deranged.  An ex-marine, he prowls local bars with the aid of Zoe, a muchRead More