(Escape From) Cannibal Farm

A middle class dysfunctional family are on a camping trip instigated by the stepfather, Wesley who is determined to make it a success by trying to ban all trappings of modern life and get back to ‘mother nature’.  What they don’t realise is this trip will be a nightmare as they tumble across the ‘Cannibal Farm’.

Many years ago on the Hansen Farm (named as a nod to Texas Chainsaw Massacre perhaps?) the young son of the farmer suffered horrific burns due to a mishap involving two other local lads.  His Mother can’t stand the guilt of not being able to help him so commits suicide leaving the Father to raise his disfigured son.  We cut back to the family who are lost and stop by an old petrol station manned by the Father who the youngest son names ‘Creepy Cider Man’ due to him trying to sell his frankly gross looking scrumpy.  The old boy directs them to the farm and they are soon greeted by a chainsaw welding maniac who eventually gets them all locked up in cages.

Escape From Cannibal Farm is a British take on the ‘weirdos in the woods’ genre with influences felt from all kinds of horror films such as the Wrong Turn series.  It is packed with sadistic violence and plenty of gory effects with limbs getting hacked off in plentiful measures.  It’s all professionally shot and well edited with good use of flashbacks to tell the backstory.  Its got a few nice twists and turns in what could be just another slasher flick so director Charlie Steeds must take a bow for this.

Very enjoyable and just when you think it’s all over, something happens to move the story along further which is quite refreshing.  A very British Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes loaded with lots of blood, lovely.

  • Starring Barrington De La Roche  David Lenik  Toby Wynn-Davies  Kate Marie Davies
  • Director Charlie Steeds