All reviews and contents on The Fleapit Cinema are dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Dave who passed away on the 18th of November 2012.

Dad was the reason I got into my life-long love of films by taking me to see Star Wars when it was first released. He bought our first VCR back in 1981, a big ‘piano key’ Sanyo model. Prior to that we had a Super 8 projector where we had short versions of Herbie Films and the brilliant Keystone Hotel with Ben Turpin amongst others.  Some of them are still up in the loft somewhere.

Although he was never a fan of horror, I never really cared much for westerns so that sort of cancelled each other out. We both loved action and superhero films.  I am proud to say he took me to see the original Star Wars trilogy as a lad and I took him to watch the prequels.  I felt his spirit with me when I watched ‘The Force Awakens’, I hope you enjoyed it mate.

I am happy he got to see the new Judge Dredd just before he died and he totally loved The Avengers.

Sadly on April the 16th 2016 my Mum Brenda died after a short illness.  She was a bigger fighter than Bruce Lee due to her many health conditions.  Now Mum’s taste in films were certainly different from Dad’s.  Although she liked a bit of action, she loved her ‘tart’s films’ as Dad would say i.e. romances.  However, it was through Mum I got a real appreciation for the odd musical.  Grease is my second favourite film of all time and I am a big lover of The Sound of Music as well as Dirty Dancing.


With both of my parents now gone, I feel it’s only right to carry on with the reviews as both of them always said I was pretty good at it.
So if you enjoy my site, please feel free to spread the word.