Pulse (1988)

When his parents divorced young David Rockland stayed in Colorado with his Mother but this summer he’s spending it with his Dad (and new wife) in Los Angeles.  After flyingRead More

The Ice Cream Truck

The American suburbs, neatly tendered lawns and families going about their everyday business with the Ice Cream truck, a regular fixture on the streets selling good old fashioned cones, cupsRead More

Skyfire (Trailer)

A big budget Chinese blockbuster with great special effects, countless innocent deaths and Luicius Malfoy himself Jason Isaacs playing a multi millionaire real estate developer complete with South African accent.

10 to Midnight

A young woman and her boyfriend have been found murdered and veteran detective Leo Kessler is on the case.  The killer is disturbed typewriter fixer Warren Stacy who after beingRead More

The Strangers

A young couple arrive to stay in an empty family home after attending a wedding, tensions are high as a marriage proposal had been rejected a few hours earlier.  ThisRead More

Don’t Look Back

Starting with a real emotive punch in the stomach, this film is all about the consequences of your actions.    Trying to get her life back on track after aRead More


Who would have thought it?  Paul Blart playing a psycho nutcase.  Well, Kevin James pulls it off even though I’m more convinced he looks like WWE’s The Big Show thenRead More

Legacy of Lies

Martin Baxter and his daughter Lisa never stay in one place too long.  Martin used to be in the security services and due to his skills works not only asRead More