Final Recall

When this film started and a group of friends were packing for a weekend away in the woods, my head sank into my hands.  Oh no, I thought not anotherRead More


The American President is suffering from vivid nightmares showing the devastation of a nuclear war.  At the same time on a college campus renowned scientist Dr. Paul Novotny is conductingRead More


It’s 1998 and after a nuclear war (it was released in 1987) mankind is basically finished and our story begins with a bunch of army deserters trying to find shelterRead More


This classic sci-fi monster movie from Jack Arnold starts with a disfigured chap in his pyjamas staggering across the desert.  He soon succumbs to whatever is wrong with him butRead More

The Guyver aka Mutronics

A long time ago aliens visited earth and created the human race.  A unique artifact from those aliens turns whoever possesses  it into an ass-kicking super soldier known as ‘TheRead More


Located in the middle of the Texan desert is a government facility.  Manned by a lone scientist Brian played by “The Big Kahuna” burger loving Frank Whaley, who is dabblingRead More

Enemy Mine

A war has been raging between humans and an alien race known as Dracs.  During one particular heated battle, a veteran human pilot Davidge and his Drac nemesis crash landRead More


When the world becomes inhabitable due to chemical weapons, the powers at be put a plan into place.  Underground bunkers are created with the world’s top scientists and academic typesRead More