The Blob (1988)

A small town in Colorado has been visited by what appears to be some kind of meteor.  The local old homeless dude whilst out collecting trash starts poking at itRead More

The Land That Time Forgot

In the first of Amicus’ Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptions, the savvy producers imported Doug McClure over from Hollywood to play the hero Bowen Tyler opposite a load of British characterRead More

The Endless

Justin and Aaron are a couple of brothers drifting through their adult life.  When they were younger they managed to flee from a ‘cult’ but Aaron feels he needs toRead More


One of the great things about Blu-ray is that dusty old classics get a second lease of life from distributors who actually give a toss about quality audio/visual presentation.  SecondRead More

The Jurassic Games

About 30 odd years into the future, the biggest television show in the world is The Jurassic Games.  The producers have their pick of death row inmates who wish toRead More

Eve of Destruction

Dr. Eve Simmons is a brilliant scientist who has designed the ultimate weapon in EVE VIII.  Created in her own image EVE VIII is a miracle of modern (1991) technologyRead More

Beyond Skyline

Set at the same time (i.e. the alien invasion from the first film Skyline) Beyond Skyline shows the carnage caused by the aliens from the perspective of a grieving policemanRead More