Mighty Joe Young

Original review written in 2005. Back in 1949 RKO Pictures released Mighty Joe Young to cinemas worldwide. My Dad was a mere whipper snapper and was taken to the ‘pictures’Read More

Small Soldiers

When the defence company  Globotech buy out a toy makers, their entire executive board is fired except for two of the companies top toy creators.  The head of Globotech wantsRead More

Deadly Friend

Made shortly after A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven and the writer of the yet un-produced Ghost (Bruce Joel Rubin) signed on with Warner Bros. to make a sci-fiRead More

Critters Attack!

In a sleepy American college town, a young alien enthusiast spots what he thinks is a UFO landing in the nearby forest.  His Sister and Uncle dismiss him but heRead More

Class of 1999

Now here’s a dusty old cult classic being released on Lionsgate’s Vestron label which is just as enjoyable as it was when I rented it from the great Enterprise VideoRead More

The Blob (1988)

A small town in Colorado has been visited by what appears to be some kind of meteor.  The local old homeless dude whilst out collecting trash starts poking at itRead More