Demons / Demons 2 4K

It’s 1980’s Berlin and there’s a special preview of a new film being shown at a local cinema.  The tickets are being handed out by a rather sinister chap inRead More

Mighty Joe Young

Original review written in 2005. Back in 1949 RKO Pictures released Mighty Joe Young to cinemas worldwide. My Dad was a mere whipper snapper and was taken to the ‘pictures’Read More

10 to Midnight

A young woman and her boyfriend have been found murdered and veteran detective Leo Kessler is on the case.  The killer is disturbed typewriter fixer Warren Stacy who after beingRead More


Hoax (Fright Night’s Stephen Geoffreys) lives with his religious maniac mother and his cousin Spike.  Spike always does well with the ladies and constantly watches his cousin’s back due toRead More

Uncle Buck

When there is an emergency involving Cindy Russell’s family, she and her husband Bob have no one to look after their three children when they have to go out ofRead More