Dawn of the Dead 4K

2020 has certainly been the year of the boxset.  We’ve had the ultimate Star Wars boxset (sadly missing Solo and Rogue One), Mary Millington, Fu Manchu and now probably theRead More

10 to Midnight

A young woman and her boyfriend have been found murdered and veteran detective Leo Kessler is on the case.  The killer is disturbed typewriter fixer Warren Stacy who after beingRead More


Hoax (Fright Night’s Stephen Geoffreys) lives with his religious maniac mother and his cousin Spike.  Spike always does well with the ladies and constantly watches his cousin’s back due toRead More

The Strangers

A young couple arrive to stay in an empty family home after attending a wedding, tensions are high as a marriage proposal had been rejected a few hours earlier.  ThisRead More

The Driver (2019)

I dig Mark Dacascos, he was a cool Crow (in the TV series) although no Brandon Lee, he’s made some decent action films over the years as he can reallyRead More

Don’t Look Back

Starting with a real emotive punch in the stomach, this film is all about the consequences of your actions.    Trying to get her life back on track after aRead More

The Dare

There’s a bunch of people holed up in some kind of prison cell chained to the wall and given the most disgusting of things to eat very now and then.Read More