Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions continue with their Netflix Originals with a Halloween themed comedy.  Now Sandler’s films get regularly slaughtered by critics but as far as I am concernedRead More


As a result of a genetics experiment Julius Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has lived the perfect existence on a deserted island.  Schooled by some of the smartest people around and givenRead More

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is a failed hockey player with anger issues, his girlfriend has dumped him and to top it all his Grandma who raised him is about to lose herRead More

Uncle Buck

When there is an emergency involving Cindy Russell’s family, she and her husband Bob have no one to look after their three children when they have to go out ofRead More

Small Soldiers

When the defence company  Globotech buy out a toy makers, their entire executive board is fired except for two of the companies top toy creators.  The head of Globotech wantsRead More