Dog Soldiers

A bunch of squaddies are taking part in an army exercise in the Scottish Highlands.  Led by their sergeant (Sean Pertwee) they are soon put in peril when they find the remains of another army camp literally tore to shreds.  There is one survivor an upper class officer Captain Ryan (Liam Cunningham) unfortunately one of the soldiers Cooper has history with Ryan.  You see Cooper went to join special forces but refused to take an order from Ryan because basically he’s a cold hearted bastard.

Taking refuge in a farmhouse (thanks to a passing motorist) they are soon fighting for their lives as its a full moon and there are huge werewolves lurking outside.

Its mad to believe that Dog Soldiers is twenty years old, I can remember seeing it at the cinema and buying the DVD shortly after.  That DVD has long been lost so I was rather looking forward to seeing it again in a restored version thanks to those kind hearted souls at Second Sight Films.

The film looks and sounds great with some of the best on screen werewolves since the heyday of American Werewolf and The Howling.  These beasties are snarling up-standing wolves and move brilliantly when they are up to no good and eating people.

As per usual Second Sight have rammed the package with all sorts of excellent extras including commentaries, interviews and deleted scenes.  Its all housed in a nice case along with a book and art cards.

Dog Soldiers whilst technically a horror film and a gory one at that, its frequently hilarious and the chemistry between the cast is convincing and when each character bites the bullet for once you actually feel a bit sorry for them.

Second Sight has hit the ball right out of the park with this one, a terrific 4K release befitting a minor classic of the Werewolf genre.