James Bond MicroScalextric


I never had a Scalextric set as a kid, I had Matchbox’s Power Track Race ‘n’ Chase which had a sports car being pursued by a cop car with a whackin’ big yellow ramp on the track.  Friends had Scalextric’s so I had a fair amount of exposure to them.

Fast forward to today and Hornby have started to release the MicroScalextric which is really a slightly shrunken down version with smaller cars and ran by 6AA batteries.

This set (and the No Time to Die version) is obviously based around the 007 name.  It features a couple of Aston Martins for you to race around the track.  What’s great about it is just like the full sized kit, you can get extra bits of track and even a loop the loop to add into the pieces you get in the box.  This makes it even more a laugh as you drive round like a maniac.

Being an old fart and not touched anything like it for decades, I had a great amount of fun playing it and a huge amount of fowl language used as I set it up.  Don’t let that put you off, its fairly simple to put together, its just I have absolutely no patience and co-ordination.  It’s all nicely presented in a very cool box with the cars on the front, the tracks are snugly packed inside with full instructions which are pretty straightforward (maybe I should have read them).

I actually still have it set up on my extended table so all my meals on being eaten on a tray at the moment.

It’s definitely a present for the blokes out there (although girls can still enjoy it) Scalextric like Subbuteo was the ‘boys toys’ in the 1970’s and 80’s along with Action Man and Star Wars figures.  The ladies had Barbie to play with whilst we raced around in the various different cars you could get.  In these enlightened diverse times, anyone can have a blast playing with it but it’s roots are still entrenched in what was designed for us lads.  There’s other sets available including Batman and Joker so pop over to the website and have a look.  There’s a High Speed Pursuit one being released later in the year, any excuse to drive like an idiot is always good in my book.

It made me feel a bit young again and that’s not an easy task.  Good stuff Hornby, you’ve brought a nice smile to my face.  Also, at some point I’ll even treat myself to a bit of extra track as well.