The Midwich Cuckoos

Having been adapted twice as Village of the Damned, John (The Day of the Triffids) Wyndham’s book has now received a modern update from Sky Studios.

The town of Midwich in Buckinghamshire is one of England’s most sought after places to live.  Out of the blue an unknown force makes the entire village fall into some kind of coma.  There is an invisible perimeter surrounding the town and anyone who attempts to enter collapses as well.

Finally 12 hours later, people begin to awake and it soon turns out any woman of child bearing age is pregnant regardless of your personal circumstances.  Local child psychiatrist Dr Susannah Zellaby is tasked by shady government types and the local police to assist with the pregnant women whose Zellaby’s troubled daughter is one of them.

Anyone familiar with the book or the previous two adaptions know the kids grow at a rapid rate and seem to all be connected by a psychic link.  The previous versions had the kids with sinister blonde/white hair.  The 2022 adaption represents modern life with kids of all races and are equally as frightening if not more due to some really good performances by the children.  They don’t mess about dealing with people who cross them and the people fighting back can certainly give it out as well.

There are seven episodes in all with the first and final episode almost feature length.  The original book was fairly short and there has been plenty of extra plot added into the mix with some likeable and despicable characters.  It doesn’t drag at all and well worth putting in the time to watch it.  Just goes to show we can make quality TV apart from cop and period dramas.  Although shown weekly on Sky Max you can download the whole lot to binge.  I destroyed it in a day and I haven’t done that since the final season of Lucifer.