Tales from the Other Side

In the tradition of the likes of Amicus and Creepshow comes a new anthology film bookended by a bunch of kids going trick or treating on Halloween night.

There is a local legend about an old lady who lives in an old house and goes by the rather familiar nickname of ‘Scary Mary’.  When the old lady opens the door after the kids foolishly decide to knock she appears rather nice and the kids go inside with the promises of treats.  Mary starts to tell them various scary stories as it’s Halloween.  These stories make up the bulk of the movie and are made by a bunch of different directors.

The stories are a varied bunch and you know you are in good company when the legend that is Vernon Wells pops up in a role that doesn’t let off steam.  All the tales are watchable and have a good vibe to them with a nice score in particular the Scary Mary scenes.  The effects are pretty decent and the film appears to have been made with some care by the different directors.

It’s no Dr. Terror or Creepshow but it’s an enjoyable ride especially as it’s got a Christmas horror tale and you can’t beat a scary Christmas story.  It’s no classic but it’s definitely not a waste of time in fact some of the characters are damn right creepy as hell.