A Town Full of Ghosts

Found footage films have been around for literally years with The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity being probably the most (in)famous.  It seems that anyone now with a video camera or a half decent phone can make their own movie.

The trailer for this film intrigued me as it looked fairly well made and had for once an original setting.

A young couple have invested their life savings into an abandoned ‘ghost town’ in the middle of nowhere.  They even comment that its 3 hours from the nearest gas station.  Sadly all things go a bit pear shaped when after a series of events they soon realise all is not what it seems.

The film seems have been shot on some form of HD  which can sometimes in other movies make it look cheap as everything is so clear so it doesn’t possess a film look.  Of course with found footage films this works to its advantage as its supposed to be edited from video from the now missing couple.

Its very well put together with a particularly nice sound design.  Acting wise is pretty good, there’s also scenes in the dark shot in a phone ratio which work well and are quite atmospheric.  The desert setting particularly the sky looks beautiful so we can say thank you to the high def for that.

What makes it stand out from the never ending onslaught of FF films is that the cast are quite likeable (initially) and with its unique setting, it makes a change from the usual crappy haunted house offerings.  The running time is only just over an hour so it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Not too bad at all., it’s not going to change the world but its worth your time if FF films are your bag.