Candyman (1992) 4K UHD

Helen Lyle is researching urban legends at her university for a paper she is writing.  She hears about the local ‘Candyman’ legend where if you say his name five times in front of a mirror, he appears and kills you.  She soon wishes she hadn’t poked her nose into this as the Candyman starts haunting her with his hook (for a hand) and a rather fetching fur coat.

The Candyman was a poor chap who was lynched by a mob back in the 19th century where his only crime was being a black man in love with a white woman.  The bodies start piling up and then the Candyman abducts a baby.

Based on Clive Barker’s short story ‘The Forbidden’ the film is a bona fide classic of the horror genre and one of the 90’s finest cinema achievements.  Scary, well acted, incredibly well made and literally oozing with disturbing imagery which hasn’t lost any of its power 30 years since its release.

The restoration has been approved by the director Bernard Rose and looks just terrific on a 4K television.  The UHD disc includes two cuts of the film which are the US R-Rated version and a slightly different UK version with a bit more gore and a small different edit.  Philip Glass’ score sounds amazing as does Tony Todd’s voice which is suitably sinister and suited to the character.  Special thumbs up to Xander Berkeley playing Helen’s husband Trevor, a sleazy cheating bastard whose performance makes you really hate him.  What can you say about Tony Todd’s performance, have you got all day?  He is electric in his interpretation of the tragic figure and when he appears on screen he is unforgettable.

There are plenty of special features on board including an extremely frank and honest interview from Clive Barker as well as a booklet, commentary with the director and Todd (who has one of the best natural voices ever) and other goodies.

I’ve always loved this film since seeing it at my local Odeon back on its release.  Even with a couple of dubious sequels (the second one wasn’t too bad) and a modern continuation of the story released last year which I didn’t care for, the film’s legacy has no way been tarnished.  It also brought back memories of my bad Candyman impression I used to do to wind up a friend as she was terrified of the film.

A great movie and like I said above has lost none of its impact, simply first class on all levels.