Robocop 4K

What can be said about Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop?  Classic, hilarious, satirical, violent, superb practical and model effects, the list is endless. After various releases down through the years starting with Virgin’s VHS release and Arrow’s restored version a while back, we now have Arrow (again) releasing it Ultra High Definition 4K.

Good all round cop Alex Murphy is transferred to a new precinct and along with his new partner Lewis attends a run down factory where Clarence Boddicker and his goons are laying low.  Unfortunately for Murphy they torture him and leave him for dead.  Unable to be saved Murphy becomes the first ever Robocop.

Sinister corporation OCP are running the police force and after a mishap with another law enforcement project, an ambitious junior executive steps up with the Robocop programme.

Robocop/Murphy is the ultimate policeman and lays down to all kinds of scumbags until he starts to remember his previous life.

The film although 30 years still holds up with it’s political satirical humour (which is a little close to the mark even today) and all of the above.  Special credit goes to Kurtwood Smith playing Clarence Boddicker, a truly evil man who a penchant for violence, unpleasantness, destruction and hilarious one liners.

Arrow’s 4K comprises of two versions, the original theatrical cut and Verhoeven’s longer cut with basically all the violence he was forced to cut back in the day.  There are countless extras which are all worth visiting and several ways to hear the soundtrack.  Regards to the restoration in 4K, it has a nice ‘filmy’ look and looks mighty impressive on my TV.

If you own it on previous versions and now have a 4K set up, its seriously worth considering investing in it.