The Nest

Unrelated to a series of dodgy horrors and a BBC series, this film tells the story of a married couple and their children moving to England during the 80’s boom years of wheeler dealing.

Rory O’Hara (Jude Law) has been successful when he moved to New York from the UK.  Married to an American, work has dried up and he is basically skint.  His old boss gives him the oppportunity to move back to London and head up a new division.  Convincing his family they move to the UK and Rory buys a huge mansion in Surrey.

His wife played by Carrie Coon is an outdoorsy type and with the land they have, Rory tells her they can build some stables, get some horses and she can run her own business.  The kids go off to posh schools and everything seems rosy.

However Rory is a ‘Billy Bullshit’ merchant, soon things aren’t panning out and he starts going through money likes there’s no tomorrow.

The Nest is a really powerful drama regarding the trappings of the evils of the corporate world and the poisonous crap that can come with it.  Setting it in the 80’s (when Gordon Gekko did his best or worst) gives it a nice retro feel and the attention to detail is excellent.  Being set 30 odd years ago there are are no mobile phones so people have to actually use land lines!!

Both leads act their socks off and when Rory’s arrogance gets the better of him, the marriage begins to show some serious cracks and the family get into debt.  It all begins to spiral out of control and even the kids begin to suffer particularly the youngest who is having problems ‘fitting in’.

The Nest is a really powerful drama and well recommended if quality acting and a decent (moralistic) story is your bag.  I thought it was pretty decent and it made a difference from my usual diet of cinematic sex, violence and fowl language.