Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

Based on the computer game from Capcom, Welcome to Racoon City is a reboot of the successful film franchise created by Paul W.S. Anderson 19 years ago.  Whilst Anderson’s series was action packed, it really didn’t concentrate on the gore that much although they were stylish and the later 3D films were expertly done in the third dimension.

Director Johannes Roberts working from his own script is obviously a fan of the games and this film is possibly the most faithful game to film adaption ever.  It is full of little touches/homages to the game and follows the plot of the first couple of instalments pretty closely.

Racoon City is a dump and the Umbrella Corporation the drugs company have left the town and all that are left are the police force and people who can’t afford to leave.  Claire Redfield grew up in the town orphanage along with her brother who is now a cop.  She is returning to Racoon City as she has some information she has to relay to her brother.  As she arrives there and has a strained reunion with her brother, very soon all hell breaks loose.

Roberts crafts a film that really pushes the budget to its limits and there are some really good set pieces, plenty of blood and plenty of scenes blowing away the zombies.  The cast do well considering its just a silly shoot ’em up and most of the time they play it straight.  Big credit goes to veteran character actor Neal McDonough playing a scum-bag doctor who hams it right up especially when he turns.

It’s very different from the previous instalments as its basically a balls to the wall horror film with plenty going on in terms of action and gore.  One final note is the incredible soundtrack peppered with quality 90’s tunes (its set in 1998) and a thunderous Dolby soundtrack.  The surrounds get a though work-out as does the sub.  It was so loud even I had to turn it down a bit as not to piss off my neighbours.

Its not a game changer but well worth your time if mindless bullshit action (horror) is your thing.