Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Eddie Brock is learning to live the alien symbiote Venom although they constantly bicker but Venom is dead handy in the kitchen making breakfast.  Serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson chewing scenery) takes a shine to Eddie and wants an interview in prison. However, Cletus bites the journalist between the prison bars and develops a symbiote of his own.

Escaping prison Cletus (aka Carnage) is hellbent on breaking out Frances Barrison his one true love from a facility where she is experimented on due to a unique ability.

Eddie is also getting grief from Venom as the alien wants him to get back with his ex fiancee Anne who has just announced her engagement to ‘Doctor Dan’.  This set the scene for a special effect filled climax which the two sybiotes battle it out for supremacy.

The original Venom was a massive hit for Sony and you knew a sequel would be a sure thing. Working from Tom Hardy’s story, Kelly Marcel weaves a story which is just an excuse for loads of action and brilliant comedy from Hardy. You know Hardy is a special talent as he spends the majority of the film in banter with the CGI Venom (also voiced by Hardy). Throw in a decent supporting cast, the returning Michelle Williams, Stephen Graham, Naomie Harris and a very, very brief cameo from Holby City’s Rosie Marcel (her sister wrote the film).

Gollum himself, the great Andy Serkis directs and we all know he is rather familiar with effects, in particular motion capture. Serkis doesn’t hang about getting on with the story with the running time just over 90 minutes. It works well as you only need a brief set up for non stop action, comedy and plenty of destruction in a wildly entertaining piece of cinema.