Virgin Witch

Betty and Christine (Vicki and Ann Michelle) are two young sisters who move to London with the ambition of ‘making it’.  Christine sees an ad and goes to a model agency hoping to find work and is immediately snapped up (pun intended) by the leering proprietor played by Michael Caine’s ex wife Patricia Haines.

Along with her sister, they travel to a country estate where Christine will have photos taken for her portfolio and it isn’t too long for the lecherous photographer to eye her up for the ‘obvious’.  However there are sinister goings-on at the house as it is owned by a fellow who is an expert in witchcraft and has his own coven on the premises hidden away.  Cue copious amounts of nudity and general perviness from an unlikely team who created creaky soap Crossroads and ITV’s wrestling on a Saturday afternoon with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.  Obviously due to the nature of the film they used assumed names.

The movie is definitely a product of it’s time (and disowned by the two female leads) as there’s the afore mentioned nudity along with dated fashions and attitudes.  However, for some reason I’m quite a fan as the two leads are ridiculously attractive and the high camp value especially Haines as well as the ‘Witchy’ bits are great.

Released a few times over the years and by a number of different companies (including the great Intervision), Screenbound have put together the ultimate edition in a handsome boxset comprising of a really good interview with the producer’s son, postcards and the tie in novel reproduced in its entirety.

It’s not for everyone as mentioned above but pair it with the equally camp (and disturbing at times) Killers Moon and you’ve got a good fun night in.