The Guest

A family is grieving due to the loss of their son in Iraq and out of the blue one of his fellow soldiers turns up at their house with a ‘message’ for the family.  Immediately taken by the man (David) the family ask him to stay for a few days.  Totally charming and polite, you soon get the impression all is not what it seems after he gets his feet under the table.

David makes the family more assertive in their life particularly the youngest sibling who he encourages to stand up for himself against the school bullies.

The Guest is an early film from the director of Godzilla Vs. Kong, Adam Wingard who casts British actor Dan Stevens as the mysterious stranger who has one of the best staring ‘scary looks’ around and is equally good with his hands and a gun.  At the time of the release a few years back, Stevens was the nice guy on Downton Abbey who sadly died and then went on to be the beast in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast.  In this film he is completely electric in his portrayal and is totally convincing in a role far from Downton and that castle with a talking tea cup.  Personally after watching the film again after six years or so, I was reminded that he would make a good James Bond.  For a start he’s British, a handsome bugger and can handle himself in action sequences.

When everything slots into place the great Lance Reddick pops up playing a military type pursuing David.  Reddick is one of those actors who is just so charismatic with his delivery and screen presence.  The man is a legend and he’s also friendly with John Wick.  I wondered if he knows what Wick did with that pencil?

Second Sight have rammed the film with loads of juicy extras including an in depth interview with the film’s creators and other members of the production.  Stevens gets a nice chat as well as supporting actress Maika Monroe.  The icing on the cake however is the soundtrack of the film and a nice chunky (with art cards) book about the film.

The Guest is a terrific film which was well received back in the day but wasn’t that successful.  It’s reputation has grown since its initial release and its now getting a very justified special edition.

It’s got a decent story, good performances, well staged action and fighting and to top it all incredibly funny in parts if a little dark.  What’s not to like?