Pulse (1988)

When his parents divorced young David Rockland stayed in Colorado with his Mother but this summer he’s spending it with his Dad (and new wife) in Los Angeles.  After flying in he arrives at his Dad’s house, his Step-Mother tells him the guy who lived opposite went crazy and that is why the house is boarded up.  This was initially shown at the start of the film and believe me this chap went bananas.

It’s not long before strange things start happening when David is on his own.  He hears weird noises and the telly starts playing up as well and finally short circuits.  The TV repair-man is baffled and even crazier things start to go wrong in the house which all seems to link through the electrical wiring.

Pulse is a film which has gradually disappeared into the passage of time, although made by Columbia Pictures for a theatrical release it was soon was shunted out onto VHS and then gradually forgotten.  This is a shame because although horrendously dated, the story is still good and interesting, it is also well made, atmospheric at times and has some pretty decent performances from the three main members of the cast.  It’s also got a creepy old man turning up to move the plot along and he’s got the vibe of Reverend Kane from the Poltergeist sequels, so you know he’s a wrong ‘un.

The film keeps you interested for the running time and whilst watching it (for the first time as I never saw it on the original release) I couldn’t help thinking a remake could be rather good especially today with all our smart devices we have in the home now.

Pulse is a movie that deserves to be seen, far from a classic but a film which should be appreciated for what it is.  A fairly watchable hokey little chiller, a bit stupid but never boring.