Demons / Demons 2 4K

It’s 1980’s Berlin and there’s a special preview of a new film being shown at a local cinema.  The tickets are being handed out by a rather sinister chap in a creepy mask (who doesn’t speak) so you know things aren’t going to go quite to plan for the poor patrons.

When the film starts it a horror film where a group of teenagers break into a crypt and find a mask which one of them tries it on cutting his face in the process.  Earlier on in the evening one of Tony the Pimp’s ‘lady friends’ tries on a similar mask in the lobby and she gets a cut face also.  Suffice to say the dude in the film turns into a demon and poor Tony’s woman suffers the same fate.

The shit really hits the fan and soon the cinema is over run by demons as they gradually begin to pick off the audience.

A copy of this film was in practically every UK video shop in 1980’s on the Avatar label and was a massive renter.  When a movie is made by the Italian dream team of Lamberto Bava (director) and Dario Argento (producer) with music from Claudio (Goblin) Simonetti, you know the film was going to be a blast and it sure was.

Gory, hilarious stereotypical whining characters, at times dodgy dubbing and a seriously loud soundtrack Demons is definitely worth revisiting in its new sexy 4K remaster.  Arrow present us three versions of the film which are the English Language International version, the US variant and finally the Italian language version along with lots of extras.

Also in the package is the follow up Demons 2 which this time those pesky demons cause havoc in a high rise block of flats.  Not as good as its predecessor but its still lots of fun as a selection of annoying individuals have to fight to stay alive and eventually get holed up in the parking garage.

Both movies have cracking soundtracks with the afore mentioned member of Goblin Claudio Simonetti providing the score and various bands of the day bringing us their tunes.  They are almost perfect examples of the ideal 1980’s horror film rental where you would likely have had watched it with a few cans of Hofmeister, a packet of Lambert and Butler and a bag of dry roasted by your side.  Of course I was still at school when I saw it so it was likely a glass of squash and a bag of Monster Munch, but hey good times…

A really terrific release and definitely worth getting if you have bought into the 4K experience, if you haven’t and don’t intend to seek out the standard DVD’s and Blu-rays as both films especially the first are still bloody entertaining and definitely have a rewatch value to them.