Willy’s Wonderland

When his tyres are shredded by police spikes Nicolas Cage (whose character remains unnamed) is offered the chance to work off the debt of his repair bill by cleaning up overnight in an abandoned amusement park.

Willy’s Wonderland has been shut down and is now owned by a shady businessman who has a sideline with the local law enforcement of offering up poor unsuspecting outsiders to the maniacs that frequent the establishment.  When a local girl and her friends decide to put an end to all the unpleasantries, they get locked in the park and with Cage have to fight the loonies dressed up in a variety of furry animal outfits.

Known for his offbeat choices of roles, Willy’s Wonderland is probably one of Nicolas Cage’s strangest and most bonkers films.  Its madder than a box of frogs and tonally all over the place.  Is it a slasher, yes.  Is it a comedy, yes.  Is it a bit messed up, yes.  There’s plenty of gratuitous OTT violence and it features one of modern day cinemas most annoying catchy theme tunes.  Where you hear the song, it’ll haunt you for days.

Willy’s Wonderland is utterly silly and under no circumstances can it be taken seriously.  It’s so damn enjoyable on a juvenile level and Cage proves once again he is outstanding when beating the living shit out of anyone which in this case is deranged murderous theme park characters.