Wrong Turn (2021)

It’s hard to believe that the original Wrong Turn starring Eliza Dushku came out in 1993 then five DTV sequels of varying quality followed.  The original writer Alan B. McElroy has rebooted his creation and has made quite a few changes to the franchise.

A group of friends are travelling across America and decide to stop off in one of those Hick towns where everyone is most likely related to each other.  Upsetting the locals pretty much straight away, these ‘hipsters’ are warned about the area but as they are typical idiotic film characters decide to go hiking anyway.

The original Wrong Turn people were a bunch of seriously scary in-bred cannibals and this time McElroy has changed things around somewhat.  These guys are a community living off the land for centuries, very likely all related to each other but they are civilised when compared to the banjo-players of the Dushku film and its subsequent follow-ups.  However, they still like picking people off with man traps and torturing outsiders with red hot pokers so don’t despair if you think they just like a group of Bear Grylls wannabes.

Not as sick or violent as its predecessors but the film still has its moments and actually has a bit of star power with Matthew Modine playing the Father of one of the missing kids.  Not a patch on the original but its a pretty decent backwoods horror movie but calling it Wrong Turn seems slightly desperate as its way different from what came before.  However, its good fun, incredibly well made and has a terrific ending.