Land of the Dead

With zombies big business at the box office in 2004 (Dawn and Shaun of the Dead) the same studio Universal persuaded the late George A. Romero to come back to the genre he virtually created with a new film.

The world has been devastated by the zombie outbreak and a sizeable population of a large city live in and below ‘Fiddlers Green’ a huge towering skyscraper where the rich people live and the ordinary folk just about survive in a virtual ghetto surrounding it.  Safe from the dead by security measures and a surrounding river things are ticking along okay until a botched raid for supplies awakes something in a rather large gas station attendant zombie ‘Big Daddy’.  He has some kind of influence over his flesh chomping mates and soon they are marching towards the city.

More of an action picture than his previous epics George has assembled not only a great cast (Simon Baker, Asia Argento, Dennis Hopper) but has more money to play around with this time than all of Night, Dawn and Day’s budgets combined.  Of course being a studio film the gore isn’t as graphic as before but there are some great bloody moments and the zombie make-up is as effective as ever.

Of course as it was successful there were a further two more films rounding out a second trilogy (Diary and Survival) smaller budgeted than this one which ultimately gave Romero more control over the final production.

Fifteen years on from its release Land of the Dead is still a cracking piece of horror cinema and with this release from Fabulous Films we have two cuts of the films and plenty of extras at a decent price along with a reversible sleeve.