After a loss in an MMA fight Katrinia takes to the road but after her car breaks down she gets picked up by a passer-by who offers to take her to the nearest town.  Rather chatty he soon gets on her nerves with his inane banter and soon his real intentions are revealed.

Getting into town ‘Kat’ proceeds to go to a local bar which is frequented by a rather odd bunch of clientele.  Befriending the barman things takes a turn when it materialises there’s some weird kind of underground fight club there which Kat enters.

Hellkat is a strange beast, even if you take the Mortal Kombat type scenario away, where is this film taking place.  We have an obvious English car Kat drives with no number plate, the weirdo who picks her up is driving on the wrong side hence an American car with a UK number plate.  He even speaks in a American accent as well.  Drinks cost in ‘bucks’ and at the train station we have a fella with a possible Caribbean accent.  Whether this is intentional by the film makers or done to aim it at the international audience I just don’t know.  However for some barmy reason I didn’t care and it just sort of works.

Is it any good you may ask?  Well, it’s sort of entertaining for all the wrong reasons such as some gruesome bits carried out by some kind of plague mask wearing maniac and the rather odd choice of characters such as a werewolf type creature and a cross dresser.  It also has possibly the largest amount of smoking I seen in a film for quite some time which isn’t great in my book but fitted the general hopelessness of the characters and situation.  The fight scenes aren’t bad if unspectacular but for a film shot mainly in a couple of locations don’t expect some kind of modern day classic just some brainless drivel which I really found quite engaging due to my B movie masochistic tastes.