The Ice Cream Truck

The American suburbs, neatly tendered lawns and families going about their everyday business with the Ice Cream truck, a regular fixture on the streets selling good old fashioned cones, cups and shakes. Moving back to the city where she grew up, Mary has travelled ahead of her family (due to the kid’s schools) and used the trip for inspiration as she is a writer.

Practically as soon as she arrives, the nosy neighbours invite her to one of their son’s Graduation party which Amy accepts.  Striking up a bond with the graduating Max (she smokes weed with him and his girlfriend) Mary gets a little worse for wear at the party.  Whilst she is sinking back the vodka’s, the ice cream truck’s vendor is murdering a local girl and then driving off with her in the back.

When I first heard of the film and read bits and pieces about it, I immediately thought it would be ‘Friday the 13th meets Mr. Whippy’ but I was very wrong.  Sure there are some gruesome kills in the picture but it is just as much as a thriller as it is a horror film.  The central performance by Deanna Russo as the Mother waiting for her family to arrive is the lynchpin of the film and the actual killer played by a gentleman by the name of Emil Johnsen is scary and hilarious at the same time.  The ice cream vendor has stepped straight out the 1950’s with his mannerisms and general politeness.  Plus you’ll also never look at an ice cream scoop in the same way again.

Like I said I thought I was in for a kill-fest but whilst there is blood and gore when needed, there is a strong story in there and not one just to show violent murders.  The film also has one hell of an ending which I never saw coming.

Quite different and that damn music the van plays will stay in your head for ages, It kept me engrossed for it’s running time so why not sit back with a frozen treat (but not from him) and enjoy something quite unique and very worthwhile.

  • Starring Deanna Russo  John Redlinger  Emil Johnsen  Bailey Anne Borders
  • Director Megan Freels Johnston

THE ICE CREAM TRUCK – Trailer from Jinga Films on Vimeo.