Bullied at school Faye’s life isn’t going well.  She secretly fancies her hunky teacher and when a fumbled attempt at affection towards him is recorded by the school ‘mean girls’ which then goes viral she has had enough.

Being into a bit of witchcraft, Faye summons Cupid the Roman God to punish those who have wronged her.  Unfortunately it all goes pear shaped as Cupid enjoys picking off everyone in his path and soon his attentions are on the kids serving detention.

Shot on a low budget and an obviously pretty quick schedule, Cupid is a very British Urban Legend and is lots of fun in a cheesy ‘pure unadulterated escapism’ way.  Some of the acting is a little woeful but generally everyone does well considering the silly storyline with the practical make up effects being pretty decent also.  Credit to main bad girl Sarah T. Cohen who must have put on a stone in weight during the shoot with all that scenery chewing she does.

The actual main character’s look is fairly effective (although I think he could do with a good meal) and the CGI used to make him fly around in the sky looks not too bad at all.

For what it is, I actually quite enjoyed Cupid.  The film makers obviously have bags of ambition, enthusiasm and talent for getting a lot of value out of no doubt not too much.  So a big well done to all involved, the film isn’t a game changer but a nice pleasant campy diversion from today’s woes.