Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Bruce Lee is a man that needs no introduction.  Famous and admired by generations for longer than the man’s short life, he has been the subject of many a bio-pic with this one being probably the most famous.

Jason Scott-Lee (no relation) plays the man himself with Lauren Holly as his American blonde wife Linda.  Whilst scholars of Bruce’s life will no doubt scoff at the film’s historical inaccuracies, the film puts entertainment at the forefront with plenty of action sequences with a decent studio budget.

The film covers all of Lee’s main story, i.e. his marriage to a Caucasian which back in the 1960’s wasn’t widely accepted, his struggle as an actor with his race being the biggest obstacle and finally mainstream acceptance with Enter the Dragon which he sadly never saw.

It’s hard to believe the film is 27 years old and Lee’s tale has been told several times since. Its still pretty decent if at times a bit unbelievable which for a ‘true story’ is quite an achievement.