Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers

When a film starts in Bodega Bay (home of Hitchcock’s The Birds and Full Moon’s Puppet Master) you know something weird is going to happen or probably has.  You would be dead right as the local sheriff turns up at a house surrounding by slaughtered cats.  Apparently it was occupied by a Mother and Son who have now disappeared.

They soon turn up in Indiana and the son Charles starts attending the local High School.  His Mother Mary doesn’t leave the house as she appears to be too scared and is ‘hungry’.  This Mother and Son have a rather strange ‘relationship’ and are Sleepwalkers, a sort of Were-cat who can shape-shift and have to drink the blood of virgins.  Charles sets his sights on local girl Tania after spotting her in the Yearbook and sets out to woo her so he can take her back to his Mum.

Based on an original story by Stephen King and directed by Mick Garris, its been a really long time since I’ve seen Sleepwalkers and in all fairness it pretty much still stands up as a half decent horror film.   Our two main villains are suitably creepy and sleazy due to their relationship with Alice Krige as Mary particularly good.  Madchen Amick has to look gorgeous (which she is) and play the damson in distress and pulls it off well.  Director Garris has also filled the film with ridiculously famous cameos from his fellow film-makers and its fun to try and spot them.

I thought with a movie that was almost thirty years old, the effects would look slightly dodgy but the morphing pretty much holds up and there is a nice amount of blood as well.  It’s hardly top drawer Stephen King, that would still be the original ‘Salem’s Lot for me but all in all Sleepwalkers is still worth your time.

Mick Garris would go on to make the first version of The Stand which is somewhere in my collection so I think I’ll keep an eye out for that one and put it on the ever increasing ‘to watch’ pile.