The Strangers

A young couple arrive to stay in an empty family home after attending a wedding, tensions are high as a marriage proposal had been rejected a few hours earlier.  This isn’t helped when in the middle of the night there is a knock on the door…

I saw The Strangers on an ex rental DVD I picked up at a US Blockbuster Video and watched whilst on holiday there.  There aren’t many films that creep me out but I do enjoy a good home invasion film and this one whilst a little hokey ticks all of the boxes.  Two decent central performances from Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman help as well as some incredibly atmospheric lighting (one bit is particularly horrible) when the Strangers start getting up to their strange shit.

Presented in a nice box with two versions of the film, a poster and a book Second Sight continue to impress with their releases.  The sequel which followed only a couple of years ago was fun but will The Strangers come back?  Who knows as long as they don’t come ringing my door bell.