Ted and Ted 2: Thunder Buddies

When John Bennett was a young lad he wished for his Teddy Bear to be real and it actually happened.  Best friends even now as John is an adult, both of them live together smoking weed, drinking, watching movies and generally chilling out.  John’s girlfriend Lori wants commitment but at 35 years old John still wants to just have fun in life.  Throw in a deranged stalker and Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones and you have a truly hilarious comedy from Seth MacFarlane the creator of Family Guy.

In Ted 2, Ted and his girlfriend want to get married and have a family however the law says he can’t marry because he isn’t a person and regarding the kid, that’s pretty obvious.  Ted and John decide to sue the State and get the help of a lawyer called Sam Jackson!?!

Both films have two different versions (R rated/unrated) and with both of them in one package its good value if you don’t own them already.

Ted may sound silly and ridiculous but there’s a fair amount of heart in the films showing true friendship between a man and a bear, they are both still very funny which is a nice tonic to all the doom and gloom around at the moment.