Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions continue with their Netflix Originals with a Halloween themed comedy.  Now Sandler’s films get regularly slaughtered by critics but as far as I am concerned they are all enjoyable time fillers and usually guarantee make you laugh with their general stupidity, silly characters and crudeness.

Hubie Dubois works in the local supermarket and is constantly harassed and generally taken the piss out off by the residents of Salem.  He’s got a good heart and Halloween is his favourite tome of year as Christmas isn’t celebrated due to him and his Mum being Jewish.  He goes for it big time at Halloween and has a phenomenal display of decorations outside his house.  Hubie has a new neighbour who seems nice enough but asks him to ignore the strange noises coming from his house, anyone else would be intrigued but Hubie being a nice chap respects his wishes… for now.

Meanwhile not too far away a lunatic escapes from the local asylum and is likely to head back to his home town which funnily enough is Salem.  The local police led by Kevin James sporting a superb beard and mullet combo have their work cut as people are now disappearing.

The film is filled with stupid (toilet and slapstick) humour, great references to horror movies and countless regulars from other Sandler movies including Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider and Julie Bowen.  Even Ben Stiller’s evil orderly from Happy Gilmore turns up complete with that great handlebar ‘tache he had when menacing the old people at the retirement home.

I found the whole film a real good laugh and suitable for practically all the family, so miserable kill-joys can go and do one.