Hoax (Fright Night’s Stephen Geoffreys) lives with his religious maniac mother and his cousin Spike.  Spike always does well with the ladies and constantly watches his cousin’s back due to the fact he is relentlessly bullied.  Hoax is at the end of his tether when he discovers a phone line with his cousin called 976-Evil.  The prefix 976 is the American equivalent of the UK’s 0898 numbers which we all know have now gone by the way of the dinosaur thanks to apps and smart phones.

The phone line is actually used by demonic forces to corrupt poor souls into doing generally evil bidding.  Spike bores of it quickly but Hoax is hooked and gradually descends into full on demon possession mode.

Robert Englund’s directorial debut comes to Blu-ray from Eureka in its original version and an extended video cut in standard definition.  There’s plenty of extras including interviews and a commentary from Englund himself along with his wife who also worked on the film.

I haven’t seen it since the video release by Medusa Pictures back in the late 80’s.  Its got a nice story (Co-written by LA Confidential’s Brian Helgeland), some neat make-up effects and good performances especially from Stephen Geoffreys.  If I recall I managed to blag the poster as well from the local video rental shop which featured some terrific art.

Never did get to see the sequel which has the character of Spike returning, I think I’ll track that one down and give it a bash.  Production company Cinetel Films are still knocking out the films including plenty of action and films for SyFy.

A pleasant little blast from the past.