As a result of a genetics experiment Julius Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has lived the perfect existence on a deserted island.  Schooled by some of the smartest people around and given the perfect life he learns on his 35th birthday he is actually a twin.  Determined to find his brother Vincent (Danny DeVito) he travels to Los Angeles.

Things are certainly different to Vincent, put in an orphanage and not given much a break he is a petty criminal and hustler.  Not convinced by Julius’ story, Vincent eventually lets him hang around as he has pissed too many people off and with a brick outhouse like Arnie around Vincent has back-up.

Full of big/small jokes, quotable lines and quite a sweet love story involving Arnie and Kelly Preston’s character Marnie.  Twins is still as endearing as it was when it first released and marked a real change of pace for Arnie as comedy wasn’t something he was known for. Although he was a funny guy generally in his action films and in real life, with Danny DeVito along side him and Ivan Reitman directing you know he couldn’t do wrong.

Even now when I hear the song Yakety Yak, I only hear it in the voice of Arnie singing so remember to take out the papers and the trash and DON’T TALK BACK!!