Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is a failed hockey player with anger issues, his girlfriend has dumped him and to top it all his Grandma who raised him is about to lose her house she has lived in most of her life.  Quite by chance he spotted by Chubbs Peterson an ex-golfer who offers to teach him how to play the game after he sees the power of his drive.  Realising money can be made Happy reluctantly agrees and joins the golf pro tour.

He immediately feels the wrath of Shooter McGavin a snobbish ego maniac who sees Happy as a rival and will do anything to thwart him in his quest to save Grandma’s house.

Easily Adam Sandler’s best film which has never been surpassed in my opinion.  Sure his rom-com’s as fun, The Waterboy is great, Little Nicky is horrendously under rated and even though his Netflix output gets literally crucified by a lot of people they are still a laugh.

Happy Gilmore ticks all the boxes needed for a superb comedy experience which can be watched over and over again with priceless characters including:

  • One of the great villains of any 90’s film of any genre, Christopher McDonald’s Shooter McGavin a total bastard.
  • A little fella dressed up in a comedy cowboy outfit riding a wooden horse in Happy’s happy place.
  • A homeless guy who becomes Happy’s caddy.

and easily the best…

  • Richard ‘Jaws’ Kiel wearing one of cinema’s greatest t-shirts as Happy’s ex-boss who becomes his biggest fan.

As stupid as it was back in 1996 and maybe even more funny now than it was then Happy Gilmore is a work of art, plain and simple.  A piece of comedy genius complimented with a great soundtrack (I love Pilot’s Magic) which I have seen countless times and in terms of funny films I rate it up there with the very best.  Few movies are as infectious and weirdly inspirational as this one with some of the most obvious product placement in cinema history rivalling the James Bond films.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and I’m not even going to mention the fight with Bob Barker on the green and  Ben Stiller playing a sinister orderly in an old peoples home, oh I did… never mind.