Don’t Look Back

Starting with a real emotive punch in the stomach, this film is all about the consequences of your actions.    Trying to get her life back on track after a tragedy Caitlin Kramer is taking a run through her local park, she accidentally runs into a chap and after exchanging pleasantries she continues on.  She then looks back and the man is being assaulted.  Caitlin freezes due to her trauma and the poor guy is getting a real pasting but everyone around the park just stands and watches.  Nobody does nothing, one dude even films it on his phone.

Sadly the man dies and all the witnesses are spoken to by the police.  It turns out the victim was a prominent philanthropist and his death is all over the news.  Phone guy then suddenly dies and then someone else, what is happening?  Is there some sort of spiritual Charles Bronson-type seeking revenge on those who didn’t help.

Caitlin with her troubled past isn’t believed by the police who are suspicious that she always around when there is a death so are there ghostly goings-on at play?

Making his feature film directorial debut Jeffrey Reddick (who helped craft Final Destination and a film I haven’t seen in years Tamara) gives us a horror thriller with some biting commentary on how society is today with regards to not giving a toss about your fellow man and lack of genuine respect to your neighbour. This part I really enjoyed and found it refreshing.  Of course there’s plenty of other weird stuff going down like a sinister crow, hallucinations and some messy deaths.  The production values are good, it has a great musical score and some good representation from the thespian community.  Lead actress Kourtney Bell carries the film with a decent performance especially as she’s often being pushed to the edge emotionally.

All in all, I thought it was a bit of a cracker.  It kept me interested for its running time and I can heartily recommend it.  Hopefully it’ll spawn a follow-up as its got one hell of an ending which you will not see coming.

  • Starring Kourtney Bell  Will Stout  Skyler Hart  Jeremy Holm  A Menacing Crow
  • Directed by Jeffrey Reddick