The Dare

There’s a bunch of people holed up in some kind of prison cell chained to the wall and given the most disgusting of things to eat very now and then.  However our story begins with a home invasion and the Father of a nice young family finds himself in a very unpleasant predicament.

Well, its Saw, Hostel and random torture porn all over again and to be honest the film is well past its sale by date.  It does have a bit of an interesting back story regards the mask wearing maniac who administers the sinister goings-on but its all been done before.

Giving credit where its due, it is well made and for the hardened man that I am, one particular scene did make me gag a bit and that hasn’t happened for a long time.

All a bit too ‘samey’ but if you’ll looking for a Saw/Hostel throwback its worth checking out.  I found it all a bit cold really rather like their meals.