As long as there has been cinema there have been alleged cursed films, in fact streaming service Shudder has made an entire season about these alleged films. Antrum is about a cursed film but it has a unique factor to it.

Starting out as a documentary regarding a ‘missing’ film from the 1970’s co-directors David Amito and Michael Laicini interview various ‘witnesses’ and ‘experts’ on the film’s strange history.  People die when they come into contact with the film, a cinema burns down and some dude puts LSD in popcorn which cause the patrons to go bananas so you can see there is something not quite right with this picture (pun intended).

The film then invites to actually watch the movie, Antrum complete with a disclaimer from the documentary film makers.

Antrum the movie’s set-up is clever and involves two siblings in which the youngest one is experiencing nightmares after his pet dog is put down (talk about a brutal opening to a film).  His sister puts together a make believe spell book and tells him that they will go into the forest and get their dog back from hell.  Yes, it all seems a bit random but trust me this is a good launch into the main part of the film and all is explained.

Antrum was supposedly made in Bulgaria in English during the 70’s and film has obviously been messed around with to give it an old faded out look complete with film damage.  This gives it a nice retro atmosphere and a down ‘n’ dirty drive-in feel.  Of course when one goes down to the woods you are definitely in for a surprise and the siblings encounter a couple of barmy cannibals.

That’s your lot as far as I am going to tell you about it because you should check it out.  If has sort of a Blair Witch feel although it is supposed to be a proper film bookended by a documentary unlike BW which while effective just had people screaming and shouting at each other.  The actual Antrum film could have been a bit shorter as it did grate somewhat but I’m glad I stuck with it as it is a nice mind f**k of a film.  You have got to really concentrate on it though so put your phone away when watching it.

Some people are going to think it is a lot of old crap which I originally did but I stuck with it and now I think otherwise.  It is very well put together and has some interesting ideas so for that its worth taking a look.