The Last Exorcist

Two sisters are battling through life, one works in a bar drinking most of the stock and the other amongst other things cleans toilets.  Their life isn’t great as they lost their parents when they were younger in very tragic circumstances.

Of course with a name like ‘The Last Exorcist” there is exorcism abound but for a low budget horror movie this one has one pretty big ambitions.  The beginning of the film starts literally with a bang and then it all goes exorcismy (is that a word?) with gross out effects and a good old fashioned possession.

In what is really an extended cameo, the legend that is Danny Trejo pops up as an ex- priest and steals the scenes he’s in.  Trejo isn’t in that much but his presence is felt and moves the story along.

Is the film any good?  Is it a worthy addition to the Exorcism genre?  Well lets just say, it does pile on some horrible effects which are mainly pretty decent for the films budget, a few jump scares and a loud boomy soundtrack at times.  It has a tendency to drag a little bit but its a zippy ride of a film and does possess some decent production values.

A reasonable little time filler.