Legacy of Lies

Martin Baxter and his daughter Lisa never stay in one place too long.  Martin used to be in the security services and due to his skills works not only as a bouncer but also a part time cage fighter.  His daughter wants to put down some roots but Martin isn’t keen especially when his past catches up with him in the shape of a journalist and a CIA guy named Trevor whose name alone convinces you he’s shifty.

You see Martin’s last mission didn’t end too well and the Russians want what the journalist has in her safety deposit box.  Of course we get double crosses, fighting, car chases and Scott Adkins once again showing he’s a real cool dude.

A UK-Ukraine co-production Legacy of Lies is an extremely well polished piece of entertainment.  Adkins as I mentioned above always looks the part in his action films and is more than capable of doing plenty of fighting and stuntwork unlike other actors who love their body doubles a bit too much.  There are some impressive well shot set pieces in the film and most importantly there are plenty of disposable Eurotrash villains just waiting to get shot or beaten up.

Action films made in Eastern Europe are certainly not a rare beast but this one stands out from a very large crowd as its got a half decent script rooted in reality.  Theres always something going on and the supporting cast made up of various Ukrainian talent fit well into the proceedings.  Scott Adkins in one prolific actor and knocks out the films at an alarming rate rivalling Steven Seagal and Donald Pleasance’s busiest periods.  In fact if it wasn’t for the Pandemic at the moment I expect Adkins would have shot a film in the time its taken me to write this review!!

A decent DTV video flick and not at all a waste of your time, I thought it was just fine.

  • Starring Scott Adkins  Honor Kneafsey  Martin McDougall
  • Directed by Adrian Bol
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment VOD