The Barge People. AKA Mutant River

For what should have been a nice pleasant weekend turns into a waking nightmare when two couples cross paths with The Barge People, a bunch of psychopaths prowling the waterways and the woods.

Two sisters and their respective boyfriends have hired a barge to spend an idyllic weekend away.  One of the boyfriends is a ‘City’ type and obsessed with work, to the point his mobile phone is practically glued to his ear.  (In fact he’s a bit of a dick and I couldn’t wait for him to be hopefully slaughtered.). When he is left in charge of steering the barge for a moment he hits one of the local’s water homes.  After a heated exchange they continue up the river.

Whilst all this has been happening, the woods have been witness to a couple of killings by unknown assailants.  To cut a long story short, after a visit to the pub they cross paths with them leading to murder and mayhem.

Director Charlie Steeds’ The Barge People is in short a real treat.  Sure its derivative, borrowing elements from various backwoods horror movies but its all made with plenty of passion and extremely British (which works in its favour).  The reason why I say this, is that it really makes a pleasant change to have English ‘rednecks’ instead of your usual American ones carving people up.   They are particularly unpleasant and bloody ugly as well.  The splatter and gore is in abundance and I was very impressed by one setpiece on the barge which was very well edited and pretty horrific.  We even get a brief ‘Crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th’ moment with an old boy warning them of bad things afoot.

The Barge People is simply ‘The West Country Hills Have Eyes’ and heartily recommended for fans of Wrong Turn and other fun films featuring in-breds on the rampage.

  • Starring Kate Davies-Speak  Mark McKirdy  Natalie Martins  Barrington De La Roche
  • Directed by Charlie Steeds