Widow’s Point

In a small coastal town there is a lighthouse with a chequered past.  Strange occurrences, murders and tragedy have continually happened there over the years and now writer Thomas Livingston has decided to investigate them for a book.

The owner agrees for him to spend time at the lighthouse’ main building for ‘research’ along with his publicist and a tech guy for company.  Thomas convinces the owner to let him stay in the actual lighthouse which has been sealed off for many years.  With Thomas’ every move being recorded for the book, its not long before weird stuff starts going down and why has the audio and visual feed stopped working?

Widow’s Point is a old good fashioned ghost story with minimal violence but plenty of scares and an extremely creepy foreboding atmosphere.  The film is constructed very well as it focuses on the writer’s project on the history of the lighthouse but when the need is there the film takes you back to the events he’s reading about.  The lighthouse has some serious bad vibes and the amount of horrible events to take place there is quite incredible.  In a nice little line from the owner he tells Thomas he can’t demolish it due to the historical society stopping him, I wonder if they would have the balls to spend a night there.

Craig Sheffer puts in a damn fine performance as Thomas and its entirely his film as he spends most of it either on his own or being tormented.  The supporting cast is fine apart from a few wooden performances from some of the lesser players.  However the actors who play the lighthouse’s many victims do a grand job.

Overall, Widow’s Point is a great little chiller, small in budget but big on ideas and director Lamberson pulls it off.  A big well done to all of those involved.

  • Starring Craig Sheffer  KateLynn E. Newberry
  • Directed by Gregory Lamberson
  • Distributor 101 Films