Piranha II: The Spawning. aka Flying Killers

In 1981 a young special effects technician was given his first job as a director.  During production he constantly butted heads with the film’s Executive Producer who had purchased the rights after the success of Joe Dante’s original.  There are countless versions of the shoot’s events and they’ll well worth reading up on.  That director was James Cameron, yes that James Cameron who created The Terminator amongst many other obscenely successful movies.

At a Caribbean beach resort, a couple of divers are attacked by some marauding fish and end up being eaten.  Shortly after a member of a diving class is killed and before long the hotel and its surrounding area are being attacked by Piranha.  These Piranha are not your run of the mill fish as their DNA has been tampered with, this means not only are they more aggressive but they fly!!

The film marks the first collaboration between Cameron and Lance Henriksen who plays the local Police chief.  Henriksen as you would expect is great, however most of the cast are not going to win BAFTA’s or Oscars as some of their thespian skills are quite woeful.  The film has it’s fair share of gory moments and the actual fish are hilarious flying around, flapping their wings and brandishing sharp teeth.  The underwater photography is impressive and although the film has a fairly low budget, Cameron’s obvious talent begins to shine through.

It’s been called ‘the finest flying killer fish horror/comedy ever made’ and that quote comes straight from the film maker himself although I think he was probably taking the piss somewhat.  In all fairness, it is a blast if bad films are your bag especially if they have flying fish in it.

It’s a load of old tosh but surprisingly at times well made and entertaining old tosh.  Nice poster included in the package as well.

  • Starring Lance Henriksen  Tricia O’Neal and a load of Rubber Flying Fish on wires
  • Directed by James Cameron (everyone has to start somewhere)
  • Distributor 88 Films