Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

It is hard to believe that this film is now over 30 years old and with Bill and Ted Face the Music (their third adventure) about to be released, a brand new 4K restoration has been unleashed upon you my excellent friends.

About to fail their history class Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan (who will be sent to military school if doesn’t get the grade), are visited by a chap by the name of Rufus from hundreds of years into the future.  Rufus tells them they must not flunk their exam or the world as they know it and the future of the galaxy will be in serious peril.  When the duo are told by themselves everything is OK and Rufus knows what he’s talking about they set off in a time travelling telephone booth to witness historical events.

Getting the bright idea to ‘borrow’ history’s famous figures from their particular time, the booth is soon full of the likes of Billy the Kid, Abe Lincoln and Socrates.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is one of those movies that is still as ingenious and silly as it was back at the end of the 1980’s.  Apart from the obvious (no mobile phones and a young looking Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) the film has not dated at all.  The limited effects still work if a little hokey, the kick ass (soft) metal/rock soundtrack is still great and most of all its still hilarious with quotable and priceless dialogue (Caesar is a salad dressing dude).

Reeves and Winter play their roles to sheer perfection, these two characters are immensely likeable and in a rare cinematic achievement have no negative traits whatsoever.  The supporting cast are practically perfect as well with all the historical figures having their moment on screen.

When you look back on the film’s history, a small distributor (Nelson) saw something in this crazy film and bought it from the near bankrupt DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group.  Otherwise it would have most likely never been released or dumped straight onto video with no fanfare at all.

The new UHD Blu-ray has plenty of extras features which include an informative documentary with the cast discussing the film as well as other members of the production team.  There is also an episode of the cartoon series which really needs a separate release, so where is it?

Once of the funniest films ever made and if you don’t agree you’ll probably the sort of person who doesn’t find the Muppets funny, i.e. you have no soul.

    • Starring Keanu Reeves  Alex Winter  George Carlin  Tony Steedman  Jane Wiedlin
    • Directed by Stephen Herek
    • Distributor Studio Canal