Critters Attack!

In a sleepy American college town, a young alien enthusiast spots what he thinks is a UFO landing in the nearby forest.  His Sister and Uncle dismiss him but he is dead right, it is a UFO and on board are the Krites.

Soon the victims pile up and the mean spirited little bastards are wreaking havoc all over the sort of town that only seems to be populated by extras who are there to become Krite fodder.

At the same time elsewhere, the ship is being tracked by a mysterious woman who looks suspiciously like Dee Wallace’s character from the original Critters movie.  It’s never explained who she is but seeing the alien bounty hunters take on different forms (see the originals again) perhaps she has taken the Mother’s identity from part one.  I’m slightly complicating things here and the film really exists only to see the Kirites kill, maim and eat their victims in all sorts of bloody ways with the aid of good old fashioned puppet effects and gallons of fake blood.

It’s stupid, pointless and a lot of old crap but highly entertaining in a brain dead way.  The Kirite puppets are terrific and they’ll constantly rolling around causing trouble.  Hey, when does a low budget sequel to a load of other low budget 80/90’s films feature a Raiders of the Lost Ark homage with tiny aliens with big teeth. This one does and doesn’t apologise for it either.

‘Roll on’ another one if it’s as dopey and gory as this one.