Wrestlemania 35

This year’s Wrestlemania was monumental for one massive reason and that is for the first time WWE’s women were headlining the biggest wrestling show on the planet.

Comprising of Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and the hottest act in wrestling (in every way) Becky Lynch it was a ‘Winner Takes all’ match where the winner would be crowned both RAW and Smackdown Champions.  The result is well known and things have since changed since April but suffice to say I was one happy dude at around 5AM that day.

Of course plenty of other matches were taking place with a cracking (and ridiculously quick) first bout where Seth Rollins took on Brock ‘Part Time’ Lesnar.  Again, another result I was most pleased with.

There has been some criticism for the length of the show (well over seven hours) and in all fairness it was  a bit hard going but very satisfying because for once management made the fans very happy with some of the booking decisions.

The overall package is literally packed with all kinds of wrestling goodness and if you buy it direct from WWE Home Video you get the NXT Takeover event as an extra disc which was simply outstanding and better than the Wrestlemania show (apart from anything where a certain lady from Ireland is involved) so really you can’t go far wrong.